Backgammon Boards

By Michael StratoWhat’s your favorite type of backgammon board? Do you prefer a wooden backgammon set because you like to hear the dice rattling as they bounce across the board? Or are you partial to one of those backgammon sets with a cushioned, leather playing area? What is your favorite combination of colors for a backgammon set?

Backgammon boards come in all sizes and are made with a wide range of materials such as leather, vinyl, cork and fine wood. Some companies have even built backgammon sets out of metals, such as titanium, and magnetic metal backgammon games are made for travelling on airplanes, buses and trains. Over the years, we have even seen a backgammon set or two made out of gold together with pieces inlaid with precious jewels or diamonds.

A popular color combination for a backgammon set is dark brown surface with beige and light brown triangles while many fancy white and red points on a dark shade of green. There are many other attractive designs used for backgammon boards, such as red, white and blue or green, black and white.

backgammon boards
An elegant backgammon board signed by Omar Sharif

Depending on where you live, you should be able to find a backgammon set in a local toy or department store, which usually carry small to medium backgammon sets made out of plastic or vinyl. Larger and more luxurious backgammon boards are typically offered in hobby stores or gift shops.

You can also buy a backgammon board online but if you go that route it would be a good idea to shop around and compare quality and prices. Though some sites offer free shipping this usually means the cost of delivery has already been added into the price of the backgammon set so you’re really not saving any money at all.

The best thing to do is find a site that offers a wide selection of backgammon boards and then decide on the name brand of the backgammon set you want to buy, then search for the brand’s website and buy it directly from the manufacturer.

backgammon set
A wooden backgammon table

Probably the finest backgammon sets in the world are produced by the Geoffrey Parker company in England – this maker of backgammon boards has it down to an art using Dauphin calf leather “tanned specially with Backgammon in mind” as they apply a proprietary slip agent to help the checkers slide across the backgammon board. They also have a special coating applied to the leather during tanning that helps to protect the backgammon set from beverage spills.

Using 12 vibrant colours, Geoffrey Parker makes a variety of backgammon boards for competition or travel; they have some four non-folding, table-top sizes, six different folding attaché cases models, and they also make stunning backgammon sets as tables. Geoffrey Parker has a website but they do not have an online store because they prefer that you contact them directly and tell them exactly what you want as a backgammon board – then they’ll custom-build it in a short period of time.

Hector Saxe of Paris, France is another manufacturer of beautiful backgammon sets and has a huge selection of backgammon boards made with a wide variety of materials – you can get an economically priced backgammon set from Saxe, exceptionally lavish backgammon boards for the rich and famous as well as backgammon tournament-size boards like those used by world champions.

backgammon boards in colors
Three models of Rizzello and Romagnoli backgammon sets

Rizzello and Romagnoli of Milan Italy is another maker of superior backgammon sets and backgammon tables. Some of their models are made with elegant Italian cherry wood and the craftsmanship of their backgammon boards is superb. If you’re in North America, search online for Carol Joy Cole’s Backgammon A La Carte Boutique, where you can find a great selection of backgammon boards.

Most of the above mentioned distributors of backgammon boards also can supply you with accessories for your backgammon set, such as checkers, cups, dice and doubling cubes.

backgammon accessories
All kinds of accessories for backgammon sets