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從游戲目地到西洋棋加倍方體規則,獲勝,克勞福德規則和擊敗及進入規則等所有的西洋五子棋游戲規則。學習西洋五子棋規則,磨練您的游戲技術,開始在西洋五子棋中取勝!! 試用Play65™ 平臺請點擊此處免費下載西洋五子棋 开始游戏 Play65™学校参加假钱双陆棋游戏参加真钱双陆棋游戏系列(比赛)和单场(赌钱)游戏中的计时器自动移动断线和恢复游戏加倍色子数值 采用“连续再加倍规则”进行游戏 游戏的目标碰线和过线 离盘 全胜和完胜 真钱游戏的佣金受限活动 點擊玩西洋五子棋! 點擊玩西洋五子棋! 促銷: 促銷 Get Realistic! Check your Statistics. Now available for Money Backgammon Players:Game and dice rolls personal statistics. 點擊這裡! 步步高闪光游戏 没有下载 参加假钱双陆棋游戏 在这里练习双陆棋娱乐并增强您的游戏技巧。一旦掌握了游戏的基本技巧,您便可以转而玩真钱游戏。 参加真钱双陆棋游戏 在Play65™ 上玩双陆棋游戏与在现实生活中玩游戏是完全一样的,不同的是您还能结交来自世界各地的玩家并与他们比赛以赢得真钱。在参加真钱双陆棋游戏之前,您必须在帐户中存钱。在存钱后有两种方式开始玩真钱游戏:加入现有游戏桌或创建新的游戏桌。在这两种方式中,均需要在游戏中投入赌金,赢家将拿走一切并支付很少的费用。请单击此处 查看真钱游戏的佣金。 系列(比赛)和单场(赌钱) 玩实时比赛时,有两种类型的游戏模式: 系列模式(比赛) – 在两名玩家之间举行的一系列的比赛,当一名玩家赢得双方同意并设定的分数时结束。对于每场游戏,赢得的分数是加倍色子数值与获胜类型分数的乘积(全胜值 2 分,完胜值 3 分)。 单场模式(赌钱) – 普通竞赛,在该竞赛中游戏是单独进行的。对于每场游戏,输家向赢家支付同意的初始赌注乘加倍色子数值再乘获胜类型分数(全胜 2 分,完胜 3 分)所得的乘积。 […]

Acronyms for: Game Winning Chances. The probability of winning a backgammon game, as long that it ends without using the doubling cube. 步步高闪光游戏 没有下载

American Acey-Deucey is a variant of backgammon that has been played by the U.S. Navy since the early 1900s. The game probably stems from similar variants played in the Middle-East or other countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece and Turkey, games in which all the checkers start off the board or all on […]

A special clock used in board games; the chess clock is composed of two identical clocks connected through a mechanism that does not allow them to work simultaneously. The clock limits the time the competitors have for each turn. There are simple analog clocks and advanced digital clocks that have time delay feature. 步步高闪光游戏 没有下载

A sequence (series) of backgammon games, played by two competitors, which ends as soon as one of the players reaches the number of points, set in advance. Usually matches are played to an odd number, such as 3, 5 or 7. 步步高闪光游戏 没有下载

One of the Middle Eastern names for backgammon; the name is a combination of the word six in Persian (shesh) and five in Turkish (besh), it is also the Hebrew name for backgammon. 步步高闪光游戏 没有下载

The initial arrangement of checkers on the backgammon board; see, layout. 步步高闪光游戏 没有下载

Jacoby Rule is one of the backgammon rules, used in money games, i.e. backgammon games played individually (not necessarily real money backgammon games), in which players bet on the outcome, as opposed to match games. Money backgammon games can be played for real or for fun money; at the end of each game, the losing […]

Backgammon Game Read about the backgammon game rich history; the present backgammon features and modes and get wider backgammon knowledge such as books reviews etc. Backgammon abundant history and the vast number of features and modes, which are popular in the present, are reviewed in Backgammon Game articles category. Take a peek into the past, […]