Play Backgammon Online for Free

By Michael Strato is the most popular backgammon server on the Internet where one can play free backgammon online. At any hour of the day you can see that several thousand players are connected from all around the world, therefore making it very easy to log on and find an opponent to play backgammon for free, virtually within a matter of seconds.

To start playing backgammon free, click on and choose the box that says “Play Backgammon Downloadable Version” to install the backgammon software on your computer or click on the “Play Now Browser Version” icon for the Flash version that you can play in your browser and which is also compatible for Mac users. The Play65 free backgammon online platform is available in 22 different languages. You can play single one-point money games with or without the doubling cube as well as match play, a series of games up to a specified number of points. There are also Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments, Event Tournaments and more.

Once you access the game for the first time, you will have to register an account and create your nickname. Instructions on how to install the downloadable play backgammon for free version can be found on the Getting Started page where you can also see a short video that describes some of the features of this free backgammon online server. There is also a section on the Play65 website that shows you how to use some of the backgammon free features to do such things as; join a game that another player is offering; create your own table for someone to join you; how to roll the dice, move the checkers, etc.; and how to reach the Tournaments section to play in one of the various types of tournaments Play65 has to offer.

Other very useful information about how to use this play backgammon for free site as well as answers to frequently asked questions about backgammon free can be found on the FAQ page of Play65.

Once you are ready to play free backgammon online, you will start off with 0 in free play money. However, Play65 recently implemented a new Virtual Money system to improve the Fun Money Mode and enhance the player’s free backgammon online gaming experience. The Virtual Money Premium Play mode gives players a chance to taste real backgammon play and has a new ratings and credits system. It is FREE for a one-month trial period, after which one pays a small subscription fee. All the information about Premium Play backgammon for free is in the Virtual Money section of Play65.